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Post  Moonweasel on Thu Feb 07, 2013 3:11 am

Brainstorming on 2/6.

This thread is for contributions to a story encounter event.

Rough outline -
Part 1: 6 players, each representing a single faction, duke it out to see who summons an Eldritch Horror.
Part 2: It's all gone horribly wrong! Everyone fights against the Eldritch Horror in a big multi-player event, with the person who won Part 1 being awarded extra VP.

The Horror itself is automated. It's got like sixty wounds and multiple activations, and killing it isn't a guarantee.

Winner gets bragging rights. Theoretically, we could even have everyone pitch in five bucks and top two split some store credit.

We'd need six people minimum to make it all work, but it could be pretty sweet. John has volunteered his Hell Pit Abomination to be the Eldritch Horror, but any suitably big monstrosity will do. Hell Pit Abomination could be something Haemlin'd be responsible for, so it's got a nice bit of flavor there.


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