ALL of the MKII Warmachine/Hordes league cards

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ALL of the MKII Warmachine/Hordes league cards

Post  Squishy_Thrall on Mon Jul 09, 2012 6:10 pm

Since every now and then we would discuss of using the old league cards after a league has finished (kind of a waste for a model you made for the league now useless) So I found the links to all of the MKII league cards.

Season 1: Nightfall-
Season 2: Blasted Heath-
Season 3: Blighted Shadows-
Season 4: Windless Waste-
Season 5: Thundercliff Peaks-
Season 6: Rotterhorn-
Season 7: Sand Narrows-
Season 8: Gnarls-
Season 9: Olgunholdt-
Season 10: Thornwood-
Season 11: Dark Secrets-

I will keep this updated with each league that comes out.

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