Shae Tier 4 - Pirates!

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Shae Tier 4 - Pirates!

Post  Moonweasel on Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:43 am

Yarr! I've got 25 points of Pirates built, and I'm enjoying learning how to run 'em. Lots of synergy. Lots of speed. Lots of confusion.

I found the following list online and thought it looked intriguing. I like redundancy in an army, and balance, and this list seems to have both. Comments / suggestions?

Shae (+6)
* Nomad (6)
* Nomad (6)
* Nomad (6)

The Commodore Cannon (4)

Sea Dogs (full) (Cool
* Mr. Walls (2)

Press Gangers (full) (6)

Aiyana and Holt (4)

Bosun Grogspar (1)
First Mate Hawk (1)
Doc Killingsworth (1)
Lord Rockbottom (1)

Dirty Meg (1)
* Buccaneer (3)
* Freebooter (6)

It's Tier 4 and has a LOT of hitting power.

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